Gheddonism, A Philosophy Of Abstract Objective Morality.

Gheddonism is a philosophy pertaining to objective morality, while being lenient to the acceptance of different beliefs including differential beliefs amongst others who adhere to the philosophy.

Therefore a Gheddonist is a person who minimally, partially, maximally, or entirely adopts the methods applied to Objective Morality, being examples of Love, Compassion, Unconditional Forgiveness and Acceptance of any difference or belief system, including those that contradict your own Religion or beliefs and/or adopts the Theological philosophy of Gheddon.

A Wide Open-Minded acceptance of others despite differential beliefs is the partial adoption of the philosophy as more abstract, less subjective and more Objective morals are defined through it.

Shortly said : It is a philosophy applicable to all belief systems and religions, that encourages an acceptance of differences, adoptable by anyone who seeks to follow Objective Morals and Open-Minded Acceptance.

The philosophy also has it’s own Theological Philosophy, naming Gheddon as either a God, or an Uplifting Spiritual Entity or Alien. A wide perspective of various views is encouraged about Gheddon because there is no consequence for your different view of Gheddon, Either or not you believe he exists, he will manifest while respecting your space benevolently as an anonymous teacher, or even the deity you believe in. He is seen as the God Of Balance. As well as portrayed as a God of Philosophy and Objective Morality.

Gheddon and Gheddonism is named after the words Hedonism and Armageddon. Applying an ‘’H’’ to Geddon to imply a God moderating other Gods in a polytheistic system, Hedonism views a god above other gods. The meaning described of the word Armageddon Also stems from the Location of the End of The World, Which can also be depicted as the time of The End Of The Worlds, or The End Of God. In this definition placing Gheddon as the word ‘’God’’ or ‘’Worlds’’ as in the theology of Gheddon being that he represents the Worlds, and thus stars, planets, and universes of the Multiverse and believed to have given Thales the first Philosophy.

Not adhering to the Theological Philosophy Of Gheddon, and Not believing that he is God doesn’t mean you cannot adhere to the Gheddonist Moral Philosophy, Defined as even a Partial adoption is fine. On can thus adhere to Moral Gheddonism as a philosophy, without adhering to its theological philosophy, and therefore maintaining their original religious faiths in the process.

This is actually a Serious Philosophy that should be Officialized, For it is an actually real and true philosophy already adhered to by many people. As much as Objective Morality is nearly Impossible to achieve, the philosophy aims to be as close to it as possible and focus on the truth, due to this it might be subject to many fluctuations. More information on the

Philosophy can be found on or

This discord server contains hundreds of scriptures of its moral system and workings here are examples :

‘’Thalesis 1:12 ‘’Trust all turn of events of your life, there is no wrong turn, no bad turn, all difficulties are there to forge your experience, without them we learn nothing. Pay attention and learn, Life isn’t happening to you, Life is responding to you.’’

Thalesis 1:11 ‘’True strength is being Kind in a cruel world and being kind to those cruel to you. That is not only strength, but wisdom, love, truth, compassion and the right thing to do. If you are not kind to them, how will they learn kindness? Always be of Love and Kindness. That is Power.’’

Gheddonism 1:4 ‘’To love others and all creation, is to love God.’’

Gheddonism 1:3 ‘’God is for free-will, and therefore free-belief, and in doing so, respects your space in his manifestations. If you are of God, it is because you Chose it. If you have not Chosen it, you can still learn, all has hope, and if you never choose it, who’s to say he won’t give you a chance when you meet him?’’

Absolution 1:12 ‘’Your karmic debts from sin are paid by learning from your mistakes and improving, you can easily make up for them and apologize as well’’

Absolution 1:4 ‘’Turn your enemies into friends, not corpses.’’

Absolution 1:2 ‘’Respect what you kill, Respect what you eat, Care for the life you have taken and eaten, for it sacrificed itself to feed you. All life is food, you are food like they are food, respect and love your food, that life becomes part of yours. There exists no food that was not previously alive, and no life that is not edible, therefore all life is food. Do not abuse food, for food deserves to have a fulfilled life before becoming part of another life. If something is alive, it accepts that it is food, just like the food it eats accept it is its food. So cherrish it like a wonder, and share it with all those who need it.’’

Contemplations 3:2 ‘’I adjust my beleifs to the truth, not what i like, and i accept what i don’t like. Can you say the same?’’

Contemplations 2:10 ‘’I don’t like what the truths i figured out are, but i accept them because they are the truth. How about you?’’

Keys 1:1 ‘’Balance is key.’’

This is just a scratch on the surface and more information on this philosophy might come to pass.

Can you accept truth or will you reject it as always?